Sunday, June 22, 2008

Out to the Darkness!!

I know its been awhile since I have posted anything new....but I finally have the time to sit and breath for minute..... Well as of this week I have lost 40lbs. I am walking a average of 20 miles a week..... and starting to train on my bike and swim... I will start a series of these at Lake Meridian next week..... I will be working out with the big kids :)! (the people who do this all the time) I am really excited to get going.

Along this journey I have realized that this is my life style change... I was asked the other day.... WHY are you doing this? It took me a few minutes but I said I do this for me! I want to be there when my childrens graduation, go to college, get married and at the rate I was going I was not going to make it that far.... at 33 I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes and per the doctor Morbidly obese...... I had to take a hard look at myself! I had to make the decision to change my life.... and I did it!

Out the Darkness walk

My proud moment this week was Saturday night/Sunday morning...... My cousin Jennifer walked 17 miles in a overnight walk to raise money for suicide prevention....We got up at 4 in the morning to meet her at the finish line at the Seattle Center! We get to the center and there is no one around.. we finally see a crew member and they said the walk was over and they were doing the closing ceremony in the pavilion... I was so disappointed not to be there when she crossed..... She was just excited and surprised to see us there....

This walk meant alot not only to Jenn but to everyone in our family... Our family has been plagued by suicide and when my Aunt Shelley(Jenns Mom) died I was devastated... in all I have had 5 family member commit suicide....But I know that she is in heaven with Jesus and that gives me peace..... And she was smiling today as her daughter walked in her honor!

The Seattle Center walk way was lined with paper sacks with names of family and friends of people who have lost someone to suicide... I was very humbling to walk down the center of these!

Here is Jenn and I at 5:30am! after 17 miles and the standing around for the closing ceremony she still looks like a rock star!

Jenn you are truly amazing and I love you!!


Parties by Design said...

You are amazing Julia and I admire your commentment!

The Young Family said...

Wow Julia, that is a great post. I didn't know you have lost so many family memebers to suicide...I have lost two friends (it has been years, but the pain still is there) and I know how painful that is, so I can't imagine family. What a great cause the walk is for... the pic of the bags is very humbling.

You are truly amazing person! Can't wait to join you on the training at the Lake... 2nd week of July I should be there!

Congrats on you weight loss!!


Jenn said...

Thank you guys so much for coming to my closing ceremony, It was 17.5 yippy and I did it !!! Good times I know my mom was right there watching :) and right beside me :)
I'm so proud of Sally,Stacy,Rebecca who did the walk in memory of Stacy's brother Mark !!! way to go girls
Love Jenn

mike said...

Julia what a great deal to see you finsihed your did it YEAH!!!! so very proud of you for sure.....sorry could'nt be there to see you come in....but Know I love you so very much....take care Uncle Mike